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Tiger Shifters Series Vol 2, Box Set Bks 4-6 EBOOK

Tiger Shifters Series Vol 2, Box Set Bks 4-6 EBOOK

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The struggles and passions of Kat Simons’ Tiger Shifters continue in this second volume of the bestselling paranormal romance series.


HER TIGER TO TAKE (Tiger Shifters 4)


After a lifetime of fighting his own kind, Nick Chernikov has been in self-imposed isolation for years. Then she comes into his life. Tatiana is everything he wants. And everything he can’t have. Tatiana knows there’s no other male for her. She’ll defy the rules of their people to answer the combustible chemistry between her and Nick. But getting caught could ruin everything.


TO TEMPT A TIGER (Tiger Shifters 5)


The first born son of a fanatical tiger shifter, Vlad Dubrovsky is prepared to abandon his family and his people to be with the human woman he loves. But the only way to ensure Rose and her daughter are safe is to bring them into the tiger shifters’ world. A world full of powerful, deadly enemies who are just as fanatical as Vlad’s family, and just as intent on killing tiger-human hybrids. To protect the two people he loves most in the world, Vlad must convince Rose to trust him…knowing his most difficult fight might just be for her heart.


DOWN WILL COME TIGER (Tiger Shifters 6)


Tiger Shifter Joseph Bennett lost everything to a human serial killer. Socialite Paige Williams has kept silent about her brother’s crimes for years. They want revenge and redemption. They never expect to find love. As a killer stalks them, passion ignites a fire between them, fierce and hot. And when the flames part, they’ll either emerge whole…or dead.

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