Series Reading Order

I have a number of series which cross over and have interconnected links. And I haven't necessarily been publishing them in chronological order!

Below, I have the reading orders for each series in chronological order. I've also indicated if the books are part of a main story arc or fun outtakes or back stories peripheral to the main arc. (This happens a lot in the Cary Redmond series).

Keep checking back for updates as more books release and more series interconnect. I love nothing more than connecting all my various worlds, so there's a lot of that to play with here.


Dragon Thief Series
Chronological Order

(Series starts February 2024)

  • Dragon Thief
  • The Chicago Job  (coming April 2024)
  • The Poisons Book Job  (coming June 2024)
  • The Vault Job  (coming August 2024)
  • The Femme Fatale Job  (coming October 2024)
  • The Scavenger Job (coming December 2024)


The Cary Redmond Series
Chronological Order
  • When Cary Met Jaxer (short story)
  • When Cary Met Pickles (short story)
  • When Cary Met Angie (short story)
  • When Cary Met Marianne (short story)
  • When Cary Met Lucy (short story)
  • Cary Holidays (short story)
  • Cary vs the Goblin King (novella)
  • Cary and the Cursed Jack-o-Lantern (short story)
  • Cary's Leprechaun Troubles (novella)
  • Cary's Beltane Night Out (novella)
  • Cary and the Demon Witch (novella)
  • Cary Goes to Hawaii (novella)
  • Cary at the Haunt and Howl (novella)
  • Cary's Galentine's Day (short story)
  • The Trouble with Black Cats and Demons (novel; book 1 in main story arc)
  • The Trouble with Ghouls and Serial Killers (novel: book 2 in main story arc)
  • Cary and Deacon (Try to) Go on a Date (short story)
  • Date Night Take Two (short story)
  • Third Date's the Charm (short story)
  • The Trouble with Leopard Queens and Shifter Wars (novel; book 3 in main story arc)
  • Dinner with the Jones (novella)
  • The Trouble with Baby Gods and Vampires (novel; book 4 in main story arc)
  • The Trouble with Magic and Faery Curses (novel; book 5 in main story arc)
  • Romancing the Leopard (crossover novel with the Tiger Shifters)
  • Cary and Dragons and Goblins (novella)
  • The Trouble with Wizards and Old Enemies (novel: book 6 in main story arc)
  • The Trouble with Death and Demon Gods (novel: book 7 in main story arc)
  • The Trouble with Shifters and Fae Courts (novel: book 8 in main story arc) (Out May 2024)
The Tiger Shifter Series
Chronological Order
  • Once Upon a Tiger
  • Along Came a Tiger
  • Mate Run (short story exclusive to newsletter subscribers)
  • Here There Be Tigers
  • Her Tiger to Take
  • To Tempt a Tiger
  • Down Will Come Tiger
  • To Catch a Tiger
  • What a Tiger Wants
  • Taming Her Tiger
  • Romancing the Leopard (crossover Novel with Cary Redmond)
The Demon Witch Series
(Angie Jordan Books)
Chronological Order
  • Howling Dreadful (novella)
  • Moonlit Strange (short story)
  • Bone Lantern Witch (novel: book 1)
  • Spiderweb Witch (novel: Book 2)
  • Storm Shadow Witch (novel: Book 3)
  • Demon Witch Book 4 (coming September 2024)
Joan of Kerry
Chronological Order

(Joan of Kerry Stories can be read in any order)

  • Joan of Kerry Story: Joan and the Abhartach
  • Joan and the Leprechaun
  • Joan and the Kraken
  • Joan and the Selkie
The Seven Families
Chronological Order
Wolf Clan
  • Darkness in Stone Book 1
  • Redemption in Stone Book 2 
  • Fated in Stone Book 3


The Percy James Mystery Series
Chronological Order
  • Movies May Murder
  • Cookies Can't Crime
  • Diamonds Do Damage
  • Replicas Risk Ruin (coming soon)