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Cover image: Redemption in Stone, title in yellow at bottom half of image, gray wolf with yellow eyes dominates background, foreground is a handsome man in suit, grayscale, author name at top of image in white

New Release!

REDEMPTION IN STONE, Book 2 in Kat's newest Paranormal Romance series, Seven Families: Wolf releases on March 21st.

A fated mate, a werewolf among monsters…

Discovering each other just as the monsters reveal new weapons forces monster hunter Becca Logan and her destined mate, disgraced werewolf Adam Walsh, into the fight of their lives.

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3D image of Box Set collection. The Cary Redmond Series, Box Set Books 1 - 3, images of first three books in series on front and on side of image.

On Sale for a Limited Time!

Magical Protector Cary Redmond’s got trouble with a
capital T.

And for a limited time, the Box Set with the first three eBbooks in the Cary Redmond series is on sale for only $0.99!

Regularly priced at $9.99, this is a great deal, and a great way to try this series. Don't miss it!

Cary Redmond Series Box Set Sale
Cover art for A Very Cary Holiday, title on bottom, author name at top. Image of Woman facing the reader, hand on head, with dark, neon city background, swirl of color around the woman, and a string of Christmas lights floating over the top. There is also a metal medallion image with A Cary Redmond Short Story Anthology written on it.

Coming Soon

Out April 18th

Available for PREORDER NOW

Holidays bring friends, family, and…Trouble.

The newest collection of Cary Redmond short stories and novellas is coming soon. These stories all involve a holiday of one kind or another. And of course, because this is Cary Redmond, they all have Trouble. The perfect collection for reading all year long.

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The cover of Cary's Leprechaun troubles. Image is of a blond model with hair back in a ponytail, standing with hands on hips, facing to the left, green shirt, leather jacket, glow around her body. Background is murky green forest. Title at bottom of cove, author name at top. Tag line near heroine's head reads: Because of course Cary has leprechaun trouble on St. Patrick's Day

Out Now

Happy St. Patrick's Day for Cary Redmond in this latest novella.

Saving the day, finding an ancient relic, preventing the bad guys from driving all humankind into the sea… What better way for magical Protector Cary Redmond to spend St. Patrick’s Day.

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The latest adventure of Joan of Kerry and her dragon compatriot Rory as they face down a wandering kraken is out now.

Book 3 Out Now!

Rescuing hapless humans, and the world, from a wandering kraken is a job for a hero and her dragon. A job Joan was born to.

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