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Cover Darkness in Stone; title in red center with subtitle A Seven Families Novel in white beneath. Next to subtitle is a wolf print in white with Wolf under it. Image of handsome dark haired man in black suit in grayscale in foreground and wolf with red eyes in background. author name at top of image in white

New Release!

DAKRNESS IN STONE is the first book in Kat's newest paranormal romance series, The Seven Families!

Meet the Wolf Family.

When Katie Donovan enters the dark, mysterious world of billionaire Eric Logan, she finds more than she bargains for. Because Eric isn’t what he seems. And his world teams with supernatural monsters. But if she can face the horrors, she might find her future. And a love that defies everything.

Out Now!
Cover for The Trouble with Black Cats and Demons. Woman in pink shirt and leather jacket facing reader. Moon and city hazy in background. Black leopard in the background right corner. Woman circled by a purple swish.

The Cary Redmond Series

Don't miss all the full length novels in the main Cary Redmond romantic urban fantasy series.

All seven books are out now!

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Paranormal Romances

All my paranormal romance series in one place. Don't miss the Tiger Shifters series. All nine books available now.

And don't miss the crossover novel between the Tiger Shifters and the Cary Redmond series: Romancing the Leopard is out now!

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Cover art for Haunts and Howls Where Demons Dwell with skull on a stone pillar and hazy moon in background. Author name top. Title middle of book to the bottom.

More Haunts and Howls

Demons lurk in the darkness, waiting to strike, and heroes
arise to battle the encroaching evil in these all new contemporary fantasy
stories from bestselling author Kat Simons.

The newest spooky collection of urban and contemporary fantasy from Kat is out now, just in time for Halloween!

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Cover art Bone Lantern Witch. Woman with long brown hair standing with arms folded, facing forward but slightly sideways. Big misty moon in a dark sky in the background with some tree branches.

Dark Urban Fantasy

In this exciting spinoff from the Cary Redmond series, featuring witch Angie Jordan and her demon hunter Sebastian!

Don't miss any of the Demon Witch series.

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