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Another job for the dragon king...? Another impossible heist. Myra loves a good,
impossible challenge. So long as her feelings for Christopher don't get in the way.

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Beach Reading with a side of Action!

This collection of exciting, action-adventure thriller stories is perfect for warm summer reads on the beach.

A bit of fun, a bit of travel, a bit of action, a smidgeon of violence, a few laughs, and a moose.

Stories to take you away from it all...whether you want to or not.

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Cary Redmond takes her newfound powers and magic all the way to Scotland, for a meeting with her mate’s grandmother.

Only to find trouble in Faery ready to pounce.

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Summer Reading!

Even if it’s winter in your part of the world, these stories will keep you warm!

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Got trouble?

Oh Boy...

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Wear your Trouble or share a cup of coffee with some Trouble...

Cary would.

Look out for More Trouble

Monster Beware

The Hero and Her Dragon

Don't miss a single adventure with Joan and her dragon Rory as they fight ancient monsters and fend off the occasional leprechaun.

Joan of Kerry

Dark, Magical, Deadly...

The Demon Witch

This romantic Urban Fantasy series will take your breath away and leave you hiding under the covers...

Demon Witch Series
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New in 2024

All New Paranormal Romance Series

Follow the capers of a magical thief and a dragon shifter prince in this sexy new Paranormal Romance series.

For lovers of the TV show Leverage, who like their heists with a paranormal twist and a healthy dose of romance, this series if for you!

Dragon Thief Universe


Paranormal Romance

My Paranormal Romance series include the Tiger Shifters series and the Seven...