1. How are eBooks delivered?

All eBooks are delivered via BookFunnel. Once your payment has gone through, you'll receive an email from BookFunnel containing a unique link to your eBook. From there, you can download the book into your preferred reading app, have the book sent to your Kindle reader, or download the book.

As a user of BookFunnel myself, I recommend picking up the free BookFunnel app. It gives you a central place to store your eBooks, you can read from the app, and you can listen to audiobooks via the app. It makes downloading the book and then sideloading into your favorite reading app or device very simple and easy.


2. Do you take returns on eBooks?

We can only accept returns for eBooks if the book was previously purchased and this is a second, accidental purchase. If that happens, please email us at tanddpublishing@gmail.com and we'll work with you.

All eBook returns are done via store credit. You will receive the value of the book in credit toward another instore purchase.

EBook returns will not be accepted for any other reason besides duplicate purchases.


3. What if I receive an unreadable or corrupted file?

First contact BookFunnel to ensure the problem is not on their end. If the problem is not something BookFunnel can fix, please contact us at tanddpublishing@gmail.com and we will send a corrected version of the book to you directly.


4. What do you do with my data?

Your data is used in our store's system for the purposes of purchasing your products and used only in ways that facilitate those purchases. We do collect and store information about which products you have purchased in the past through the store, primarily to prevent duplications but also so that we can let you know if other related books are coming out soon.

To that end, you may receive promotional emails following your purchase, with discounts and updates on new products, but you are free to opt out of these.

We have an email list you can subscribe to to receive special discounts, information, and updates on new releases. This is a voluntary subscription mailing list, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Your data will only be shared with third parties (e.g. BookFunnel) for the purposes of delivering your product to you and will not be sold or traded with any other party outside this scope.

All data is used specifically for the fulfillment of purchases from Kat Simons Books through T&D Publishing Bookstore, and some additional, voluntary marketing specific to Kat Simons Books.


5. Will you be selling print editions of Kat's Books?

Yes! Print editions will be available direct from our store soon. Thanks for asking. Please check back for that announcement, or you can subscribe to our mailing list to receive up to date information.


6. Will you be selling audiobooks through Kat Simons Books?

Yes! Eventually. That's on the list after print books. Initially, we'll only be offering Digitally Narrated Audiobooks. More premium Voice Actor narrated books are also on the list of things-I'd-like-to-do, but that's a bit lower on the list at present.

But I'm a big believer in trying to ensure my books are as accessible as possible, so audiobook versions are something I'll be moving to when possible.

Check back for updates on this.


7. What about other merchandise? Will you be selling related merch?

We will. Again, eventually. First and foremost, I'm focused on bring as many books to readers in as many formats as can be accommodated. But I would like this store to be a place for all things Kat Simons (including my alter ego Isabo's books eventually). So merchandise related to my various series is on the futures-list.


8. If I have questions, who do I contact?

For any other additional questions, please email us at tanddpublishing@gmail.com