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Third Date's the Charm

Third Date's the Charm

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Third time’s the charm. Right?

For Cary Redmond, Portland’s resident magical Protector, going on a simple date with her leopard shifter mate is proving almost impossible. Really, she just wants to get through dinner. After two failed attempts, Cary and Deacon are determined to make this date work.

They even make it all the way to the starter course.

But bad guys show no respect for a magical Protector’s romantic life. And Cary can’t ignore her job when there’s danger. Because if she does, people die.


Author’s Note: This story takes place between the end of The Trouble with Ghouls and Serial Killers (Book 2 in the Cary Redmond series) and The Trouble with Leopard Queens and Shifter Wars (Book 3 in the Cary Redmond series). There may be some spoilers for the main series, though this story is made to be a standalone.


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