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Spiderweb Witch

Spiderweb Witch

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Deception isn’t only for demons…

Faced with returning to the world of demon hunters or fighting an all-out war with them, powerful witch Angie Jordan feels boxed into a corner of lies and deceit. The demon world terrifies her. And if not for the one little trait that allows her to open portals into demon realms, her pursuit of witchcraft would be unquestioned.

Surrounded by people she can’t trust, the only good thing about the whole mess is having Sebastian, the love of her life, by her side again. But their relationship is still best categorized as complicated. And Sebastian has plans of his own. Plans that could upend everything and endanger the entire world.

Enemies on every side force Angie to do things she thought impossible. To survive, she must discover the real extent of her powers. And decide just how far she’s willing to go to save her world and the man she loves.

Because if she can’t conquer her own demons, the real demons will win.


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