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Howling Dreadful

Howling Dreadful

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A demon plague is not a fun meet cute…

Angie Jordan, powerful witch and psychic, should be focused on midterms and getting through college. Not hunting demons. That’s a demon hunter’s job. But when the hunter who saved her life as a child returns and asks a favor, Angie can’t refuse.

When that hunter brings her protégé, and he’s gorgeous and has a sexy English accent… Well, that’s just rude.

Angie knows more about the demon realms than any witch should. Stopping those who would unleash a plague on her world is a calling she must answer. Even if that means doing a job she’s not meant to do. She can’t afford the distraction of a sexy accent and gorgeous eyes. Not if she wants to survive.

Failure means the devastation and destruction of everything she holds dear.

But success could cost her her soul.


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