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Going Out of Business: Everything's for Sale

Going Out of Business: Everything's for Sale

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Completing the job isn’t the hard part. The hard part is finding the way home…

Teri collects difficult things. All kinds of things. From many different realms. For a lot of different people. Sometimes dangerous people. Sometimes desperate people. Sometimes they’re both. And sometimes the things they want prove almost impossible to find.

She specializes in those things.

Teri’s good at her job. And she gets paid well for her work. But once on a job, she’s got one way, and only one way, home. Collect the difficult thing. Then find the doorway back to her realm.

If she succeeds, she gets paid. And gets to go home. But if she fails…

She’ll never see the ones she loves again.

Author’s Note: This story is also published in the collection HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS

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