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Friday's Curious Shop

Friday's Curious Shop

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Available October 10th


A store for the curious. Enter if you dare…

Riley Anderson needs a job. Desperately. If she doesn’t find paying work soon, her roommates will kick her out. And living on the streets of New York City as winter approaches…? Not appealing. The Wanted Ad for Friday’s Curious Shop seems like the perfect opportunity.

Pays well. Starts immediately. She even likes secondhand stores. Perfect.

Even if the shop does feel a little…strange.

But things get weird once she crosses the threshold. What’s wrong with that customer? Why can’t she go into the backroom unescorted?

Why are her self-preservation instincts screaming to run?

Doesn’t matter. A job’s a job. And Friday’s Curious Shop is hiring. Everything will be just fine.


Author’s Note: This novella is also published in the collection HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL.

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