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Fated in Stone

Fated in Stone

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Will one mistake destroy their future…

Benjamin Logan has fought monsters for more than three hundred years, knowing one day he’ll be granted his promised mate, his true love, the one fated to break his curse. But meeting her in the middle of a deadly battle with a monster and its human minions topples all Ben’s plans. To save her, he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. A mistake that could cost him everything.

Elle Barker finds people for a living, tracking down missing loved ones for people out of options. Using her psychic skills, Elle discovers her newest target held captive in a compound that holds terrifying monsters unlike anything she’s ever seen. Out of her depth and desperate, Elle must overcome her suspicious nature to trust the one man who knows how to survive the deadly creatures. Only to learn he’s not what he seems either.

To survive, Ben and Elle must work together even as the building attraction between them overwhelms their common sense. With the world at risk, and the monsters getting stronger, their own feelings must take a backseat. But saving their future and stopping a horrifying plot, means accepting their bond…

Before it’s too late.


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