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Dragon Thief

Dragon Thief

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One magic thief, one dragon shifter, and a whole lot of deadly mayhem…

Myra has made many mistakes in her life. Breaking into a dragon king’s hoard… Not one of her most successful mistakes. As a thief with a touch of magic, though, she adores a good challenge. Unfortunately, the dragon king adores a good repayment for damages done. Not that she even stole anything! They caught her before she could.

But no one argues with a dragon king. Do the job for him, or suffer the consequences.

The job in question… Steal back the dragon king’s son.

Myra never suspects when she reluctantly agrees to the king’s terms that the youngling she’s sent to rescue will turn out to be a sexy hunk of a dragon shifter whose deep voice and outstanding height push all her buttons. Or that her night will turn out so…interesting. Or that escaping his kidnappers will toss them into a deadly race against time.

But Myra loves a good challenge. Especially an interesting one.

Author’s Note: This story originally appeared in the collection, WHO STEALS A DRAGON, as the paranormal romance genre story. There have been minor changes to this story to fit in with the larger world of this new series. If you have read the story in WHO STEALS A DRAGON, this one has not been changed substantially enough for you to require re-reading it. You can jump right into Book Two in the series.



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