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Dinner with the Joneses

Dinner with the Joneses

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A family dinner with leopard shifters…what could go wrong?

Cary Redmond’s first introduction to her leopard shifter boyfriend’s family proved a little more interesting and fraught than she might have liked. Okay, the trip was a disaster. So Deacon’s mother declares a do-over. And no one argues with the Jones family matriarch. They even agree to come up to Portland, into Cary’s territory, for the big meal.

What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, in Cary’s world, anything that can, usually does. And when her bosses show up with a job, she can’t refuse. Magical Protectors don’t get time off for family events…

Not when there are innocent people to protect and monsters on the loose.

Author’s Note: This story takes place about a week after the events of The Trouble with Leopard Queens and Shifter Wars (Cary Redmond Book 3) and contains spoilers for the novel.

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