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Cary at the Haunt and Howl

Cary at the Haunt and Howl

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Lights, Music…Trouble.

 When Cary Redmond, Portland’s resident magical Protector, agrees to help one of her best friends spy on a rival nightclub, they find a lot more than overpriced drinks and swirling lights. Hidden in the heat and flash and pounding music lurks a deadly threat driven by dangerous magic.

Just the kind of disaster Cary is uniquely qualified to handle. So long as she can find the source of the trouble before it’s too late.

Because if she can’t solve the mystery in the music fast, people will die.

Don’t miss this exciting urban fantasy novella from bestselling author Kat Simons, now available as a standalone eBook. Cary at the Haunt and Howl is also published in HAUNTS AND HOWLS AND GUARDIAN SPELLS.

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