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Cary and Dragons and Goblins

Cary and Dragons and Goblins

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When a dragon asks if you’re a Protector, you say…yes!

Then agree to go help the dragon and his hero because… Well, he’s a dragon.

After her last deadly adventure into Faery, Cary Redmond needs time to heal and recover. Still shaken, and shaky, flying off on dragon back to do her Protector thing seems like a bad idea.

But courting death marks Cary’s life. With kids in trouble, goblins on the loose, and a pair of heroes in need, Cary races to the rescue. Again.

All in a night’s work for a Protector.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: WARNING Spoilers ahead. This novella is full of spoilers for the main series. It takes place roughly a month after the events of The Trouble with Magic and Faery Curses (Book 5 in the Cary Redmond series). Events from this book will also reverberate into Book 6 of the main series.

So if you hate spoilers, DO NOT read this one until you’ve read The Trouble with Magic and Faery Curses. Seriously. The spoilers start on page one. Even the sample will contain spoilers. However, if you don’t mind spoilers, or have already read book 5 in the series, then read away! Enjoy!


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