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Anger Management

Anger Management

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Demons and vampires just piss her off…

After years of navigating the machinations of a vampire hive as a rare dhampir, Quinn has learned to rein in her anger and manage living in the world between vampires and humans without killing everyone. Mostly. Sometimes her anger even comes in hand. Especially when a legendary demon hunter asks for help. Quinn never refuses a good fight.

But vampires summoning a demon makes no sense. Vampires don’t need to bargain with demons for power or wealth or anything else.

Or do they?

Uncovering the vampire conspiracy while preventing a demon from escaping leads Quinn down a road she never expects to walk. Directly to secrets that could cost her everything.

If she survives the demon.

Author’s Note: This novella is also published in the collection HAUNTS AND HOWLS WHERE DEMONS DWELL.

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