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A Very Cary Holiday

A Very Cary Holiday

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Holidays bring friends, family, and…Trouble.

At least if your job title is Magical Protector. Cary Redmond spends most of her holidays jumping into danger. Stopping bad guys, protecting innocents, and doing her job as a walking, talking Kevlar vest. Because magic, mayhem, and disasters don’t take holidays off.

In fact, sometimes the holidays are the problem.

But Cary is always ready to leap into the fight, tackling the dread, the deadly, the bespelled, and the strange. And if she helps a friend along the way, all the better. Because when the holidays bring Trouble, Cary’s on hand to save the day. 

Don’t miss this year of Cary Redmond adventures all in one collection.

Stories in the Collection
Cary and the Cursed Jack-O’-Lantern
Cary Holidays
Cary’s Galentine’s Day
Cary’s Leprechaun Troubles
Cary’s Beltane Night Out

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