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Wolf in Stone: A Seven Families Box Set

Wolf in Stone: A Seven Families Box Set

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Meet the Wolf Family…

In a world where monsters created by an ancient god hunt for human victims, heroes from the Seven Families must fight to hold back the darkness. Waiting for the love of their fated mates to save them from a god-cursed doom.

This box set collects the first three, full-length novels in the Seven Families series, following the battles and loves of three of the Logan siblings. Don’t miss a minute of this sexy, spooky, paranormal romance series.


When Katie Donovan enters the dark, mysterious world of billionaire Eric Logan, she finds more than she bargains for. Because Eric Logan is not what he seems. And his world teams with supernatural monsters. Eric must win the heart of his destined love, but convincing her they’re meant for each other proves complicated when monsters threaten his home. If they can face the horrors, and overcome the monsters, Katie and Eric might find their future. And a love that defies everything.


Rebecca Logan never expects to find her fated mate, the one person who can save her, her destined love…just as she uncovers a new monster on a killing spree. Adam Walsh left his werewolf pack a disgrace, becoming a dreaded rogue. He has nothing to offer Becca except exile and danger. As they hunt the new monsters and fend off a hostile werewolf pack, Becca and Adam resist the pull of the consuming passion building between them. But if they can’t learn to trust each other, their natures will destroy them both.


Meeting his destined mate in the middle of a deadly battle with a monster topples years of Ben Logan’s plans and expectations. To save the woman destined to save him, he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. A mistake that could cost him everything. When Elle Barker discovers the world holds terrifying monsters unlike anything she’s ever seen, she turns to the one man she thinks she can trust, only to find out, he’s not what he seems either. To save their future, they must learn to trust each other. But first they have to survive the monsters.



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